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image Representative Ayanna Pressley Speaks Candidly About Having Alopecia in a Moving Video

The congresswoman is openly sharing her hair loss story.

image How to Help Koalas, Evacuees, and Firefighters as Australia’s “Apocalyptic” Fires Worsen

Half a billion animals and 8,000 koalas have died in the fires.

image The Eco-Fascists Are Coming

When Republicans eventually stop denying climate change, they'll start doing something much worse.

Kamala Harris Launches Presidential Campaign In Her Hometown Of Oakland Why Kamala Harris Is No Longer Running for President

The California senator announced today that she's suspending her 2020 presidential campaign.

image How to Talk to Your Family About Racism on Thanksgiving

"As America sits down to give thanks for a country founded on the pain of many, we can't dismiss the irony of what is being celebrated."

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Democratic Lawmakers And Activist Groups Install Statue Of Liberty Replica In Solidarity With Immigrants And Refugees A Man Was Convicted of Threatening to Kill Ilhan Omar. She Wants the Judge to Show Him Compassion.

"We must ask: who are we as a nation if we respond to threats of political retribution with retribution ourselves?"

"Home Is Here" Rally Held Outside Supreme Court As DACA Arguments Are Heard Protestors Rally on the Steps of the Supreme Court to Defend DACA

Today, the Supreme Court mulls over the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

image Rachel Cargle Just Wants Black Women to Take a Nap

For our 2019 Women Who Dare series, the activist implores white women to think about the privilege of rest.

image Amanda Seales Teaches Us How to Dismantle Racism Through Comedy

The star of "Smart, Funny & Black" sits down with Angela Rye to break down the angry black woman stereotype.

image Jameela Jamil Is the Feminist-in-Progress We Need Right Now

For our 2019 Women Who Dare series, the activist asks Gloria Steinem whether the perfect feminist exists.

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Firefighters work near Getty Center in Los Angeles, the United States, Oct. 28, 2019. Thousands of residents were forced to evacuate their homes after a fast-moving wildfire erupted early Monday morning near the famous Getty Center in Los Angeles in the western U.S. state of California. California Faces One of Its Worst Fire Seasons Yet. Here's How to Help.

California's wildfire season is in full force, prompting the evacuation of thousands.

Rep. Katie Hill Delivers Final Floor Speech Before Resigning From Congress Katie Hill Calls Out "Double Standard" and "Misogynistic Culture" in Final Speech in Congress

"I refuse to let this experience scare off other women who dare to take risks," she said firmly.

The Twitter app on digital devices Why Twitter Is Banning Political Ads Ahead of the 2020 Election

The decision will go into effect by November 22.

Meghan Markle Motherhood Meghan Markle Isn't the Only Mom Under Pressure to Be Perfect

The “good mother” of the 21st century is essentially bound to her child every moment of every day, and cheerful about it.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez adjusts her glasses while sitting at the podium. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Makes Mark Zuckerberg Sputter Like a Loose Faucet

New drinking game idea: Take a shot every time Zuckerberg says "congresswoman."

image Why Is Anyone Still Supporting a Supervillain like Trump?

Swaths of people continue to pledge loyalty to a man who literally wants to throw people into an alligator moat.

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tampon isolated on red background New York Wants You to Know What's in Your Tampons

New York just became the first state to require manufacturers to disclose the ingredients of their menstrual products.

image Why White Men Can't Handle Greta Thunberg

Retorts about the 16-year-old are, at times, outright hilarious.

image Why Rich White People in America Get a Lot of Chances

Members of the Trump administration are going to waltz away from this terrible period completely unscathed.

Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Takes Campaign Bus Trip Across Iowa Everything You Need to Know About Kamala Harris's Policies Before the Election

From student loan debt to gun control to plastic straws, we've rounded up some of the presidential candidate's most notable quotes.

Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren Holds Town Hall In Los Angeles Everything You Need to Know About Elizabeth Warren's Policies Before the Election

From climate change to capitalism, the presidential candidate has a plan for issues affecting everyday Americans.

image Why Being a “Real Man” Will Kill You

Masculinity is being sold to men at a great price.

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